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Migraine treatments: Upper Cervical Care

Ian Bulow made an interesting comment on my previous post on curing migraines. He suggested I look into upper cervical care. Not something I had heard about so it’s an interesting topic. Exactly the kind of response I was hoping for.

He linked to an interview he has upload to youtube explaining what he means by upper cervical care so of course I checked it out. The video has certainly piqued my interest in the area so I will be following it up.

What I liked was the clear explanation of what upper cervical care is, the problems that it addresses and why it can help. I also like it because it fits exactly with things I have experienced. Ian explains that if the cervical spine somehow impinges the blood vessels flowing up to the brain then this can lead to headaches by limiting the nutrients available to the brain.

I have experienced headaches for the same reason but in a different place. Wearing certain trousers and sitting in a certain way I have found I impinge the femoral artery. This restricts blood flow and I get a headache. It seems strange but all I know is that if I change the way I sit to stop the impingement and let the blood flow then the headache goes within 10 – 20 seconds. There could be another explanation but it used to be a continual problem and this same situation was always the problem and fix.

So you can imagine I’m interested in the idea that blood flow to the brain could set up a likelihood of getting a migraine. Ian recommends therapy. That sounds useful. I would also recommend complementing this with a physical activity to improve the body’s ability to supply blood and also the brains ability to extra the nutrients it needs. This is actually what exercise teaches our body. How to survive when there is competition for resources or resources are limited.

I need to learn more but this is my first impresson. Thanks Ian for sharing.

How to live with migraine?

I have a mission this year to help my wife learn to live with her migraines. My wife suffers badly from then, she is suffering as I write this post and it is quite a bain of our lives. Like anyone else I’ve searched for cures, she has too and she’s tried all sorts of remedies. Some things seem to help the symptoms but nothing actually prevents them. It seems like there is no fix.

Thankfully though I’m not so sure. I’ve been watching my wife suffer with migraines for over a decade and so I have researched quite widely. Through her experiences and others and all this research I finally think I’ve got a useful answer. I can not guarantee it can cure migraines for ever but at the very least it can make it much easier to live with migraines. It’s all based on my sports science knowledge and experience and I’m considering a headache as an injury to the brain and a migraine as quite a severe injury. As a result, the treatment is based on viewing migraine as an injury

My plan is to create a series of posts on migraine sharing some of the research I have found and the experiences I have had along with what I have found works.

The series of posts on migraines is about a journey of exploration. So if you have an opinion please share it. I’ve learnt that opening yourself up to being wrong is often the best route to being right. Whether I have the answer or someone else does doesn’t matter, I just want to start the journey somewhere so I am a post closer to a solution.


The posts so far:


Like you I have done a lot of research. I’m sharing what I can hear in case its helpful and to spark debate.

There isn’t much for now but soon I will hunt through my archives and pad this out more.

Four Stages

@MigraineAction has described the four stages of a migraine which, I feel, makes the whole challenge a little clearer

The four stages of migraine

The four stages of migraine


Katherines corner provides a list of some of the migraine triggers that seem to be associated with migraines. The image below is another example of potential triggers.
Migraine Triggers Infographic

Via ahealthblog

More detail at Anatomy of a Migraine