Hormesis, disease resistance, aging and activity

There is growing evidence that our own immune systems are key to many of the common illnesses of western society. They’re even implicated in the aging process itself. An overactive immune system is starting to be considered a problem in itself and thus finding the right balance is becoming key.

When working at a gym I found the healthiest people generally to be the most active. I also uncovered research showing that when we don’t overeat our bodies burn faulty cells for fuel. The evidence needs to be checked but it does suggest a fascinating way to stay healthy. The message being 

Be active and don’t eat too much. infact, every so often fast a little. Encourage your body to consume the faulty cells so they don’t cause harm in your body.

Hormesis seems to be an underlying principle of life. A key reason behind the need for balance. Too little or too much of anything being bad. Just the right amount is needed and the right amount can change as circumstances and conditions change.

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