Is modern fruit really healthy?

A great article from paleodietlifestyle asks the question is modern fruit really healthy?. I have asked similar questions like is cereal any better than fruit and cream. So I am glad someone has saved me the effort of researching fruit for myself. I’m quite impressed with the level of research that has gone into this and the unbiased nature of the analysis.

I’m also glad to find that in general modern fruits are ok. Particularly when combined with vegetables and the rest of a balanced diet. I was ready to remind myself that we are excellent at adapting to weaker diets by extracting more of a required nutrient out of our food than we normally would. Evolution has left us pretty well prepared but thankfully it seems that “as part of a balanced diet” modern fruit is just fine. 🙂

Found via @WardPlunet Many thanks to @PaleoLifestyle for answering the question. Good work.

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